Our expertise, knowledge and experience in numerous types of metal finishing has made us a top quality producer allowing us to offer a wide range of finishes on different products for our customers.
Our area of expertise covers a vast field of products.  To name a few, we handle, automotive products, extrusions, bars, pipe, tube, angles, sheets, perforated sheets, spinnings, plates, castings, metal fabricated parts, consumer, architectural, industrial, pharmaceutical and food & beverage products..
We have numerous finishes available such as No. 2, No. 4, No. 7, No. 8 (mirror finish), Blend ‘S’, weld grinding and touch up, polish for paint, XL Suede finish, and other texture finishes are also available.
Custom fabrication services including polishing of metal parts such as aluminum and steel parts. Capabilities include polishing with different grades of polish by hand or using polishing wheels. Services also include drilling, tapping, milling, cutting, punching, bending, routering, brushing, mitre cutting, welding, deburring, assembly, anodizing, powder coating, countersinking, laser engraving and CAD/CAM graphics. Products include standard and custom trade show displays and store fixtures such as aluminum frames, standard display units and custom kiosks.