Line Graining/Satin Finish

A line grain finish is a scratch or sanded, linear pattern, used to remove or minimize48 x 108 scratches, material defects, mill scale and porosity. Then a pass to leave a uniform finish. Buds Polishing has the ability to apply satin finishes, brush finishes, and/or line grain finishes, on various metals and even plastics! We can achieve these brush finishes or line grain finishes by our 9′ sand stroker, 2 time savers (25″ AND 52″), our semi-automatic tube-spinner, and even manually by hand. These finishes are suitable for jobs large or small; custom or production.

Grits used can be anywhere from 36 grit up to, but not limited to, 600 grit. Though, 80-220 grits are most commonly used. Abrasives used range from line graining finishingaluminum oxide, zirconia, scotch bright/non-woven, and silicon carbide. Line graining is usually used on and best suited for flat/sheet type shapes. However; line grain, satin or brushed finishes can also be applied to castings, billet/machined, and small or large parts.